Online Registrants Audition Schedule

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

We’d like to remind you of the upcoming audition on January 8, 2012 for the Piano Festival 2012 from 9am to 3pm at the UST Conservatory of Music, 5th flr. Albertus Magnus Bldg. UST Campus, Espana st. Manila.

All those who have registered online please proceed to RH (Recital Hall) 2 for the audition.

Please make ready the following:

Audition Fee

recent 2×2 picture

See you on sunday!!!

Here is the Schedule:

#1 9:00 am RH2

Name of participant: Rosa Yzabella C. Dipasupil

Piece: Dance Caprice

Composer/Arranger: Felipe P. de Leon


#2 9:05am RH2

Name of participant: Michelo Paulo C. Dipasupil

Piece: Flower Polka

Composer/Arranger: Felipe P. de Leon


#3    9:10am RH2

Name of participant: Rafaelo N. Fernandez

Piece: Scherzino (based on “Lulay”)

Composer/Arranger: Augusto Espino


#4   9:15am RH2

Name of participant: Abby Zelestine A. Abesamis

Piece: The Butterfly by W. Lege, Op.59,No.2

Enter the Bull by Rebecca A. Pulju

Composer/Arranger: W. Lege and Rebecca A. Pulju


5  9:20am RH2


Name of participant: Rosa Yzabella C. Dipasupil

Piece: Workin’On The Railroad

Composer/Arranger: Eugenie R. Rocherolle
Two Pianos, Eight Hands
Rosa Yzabella C. Dipasupil, Piano 2, Secondo
Michelo Paulo C. Dipasupil, Piano 2, Primo
Rafaelo N. Fernandez, Piano 1, Secondo
Abby Zelestine A. Abesamis, Piano 1, Primo

#6  9:25am RH2

Name of participant: Jin Xiao Chen
Piece: Dancing Fool (Character Etude)

Composer/Arranger: Antonio J. Molina

#7  9:30am RH2

Name of participant: Maria Joanna F. Cadiz

Piece: Home Sweet Home

Composer/Arranger: Henry Rowley Bishop

#8  9:35am RH2

Name of participant: Jopherly Retirado
Piece: Gitanerias from Suite Espagnole

Composer/Arranger: Ernesto Lecuonas

#9  9:40am RH2

Name of participant: Han Seongin

Piece: By The Sea
Composer/Arranger: George Posca

#10   9:45am RH2

Name of participant: Maria Corazon V. Pavia

Piece: Humoreske Op.23,No.5
Composer/Arranger: Anton Dvorak

#11   9:50am  RH2

Name of participant: Maria Corazon V. Pavia

Piece: Humoreske op. 101,no.7
Composer/Arranger: Anton Dvorak

#12   9:55am RH2

Piano Ensemble

Name of participant: Maria Corazon Villadolid Pavia
Piece: Prelude in g minor op.23,no.5

Composer/Arranger: Sergei Rachmaninoff
Piano 1
Maria Janella A. Sales,primo
Sarah Eliya V. Yu,secondo

Piano 2
Maria Corazon V. Pavia,primo
Lucas G. Mina,second

#13  10:00am RH2

Name of participant: Justin Edric Go Yturzaeta

Piece: Piano Sonata No. 9 in D major, K. 311, 1st Movement

Composer/Arranger: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

#14 10:05am RH2

Name of participant: Yuntian Peng

Piece:  1. The Sleigh
2. The Fairy Court

Composer/Arranger: John Thompson

#15   10:10am RH2

Name of participant: Caila Marie Sofia B. Tabora

Piece: Morning Prayer
Composer/Arranger: Louis Streabbog

#16   10:15am RH2

Name of participant: Kaiwen Xiao

Piece: Sonatina in C Major Op.93(first movement)

Composer/Arranger: Aram Khachaturian

#17  10:20am RH2

Name of participant: Stephen L. Rodriguez

Piece: Suite Bergamasque-Prelude

Composer/Arranger: Claude Debussy

#18   10:25am RH2

Name of participant: Marial Grace L. Rodriguez

Piece: Etude in f minor Op. 10, No. 9

Composer/Arranger: Frederic Chopin

#19   10:30am RH2

Piano Ensemble

Name of participant: Marial Grace L. Rodriguez

Piece:  Danses Andalouses III. Gracia (El Vito)

Composer/Arranger: Manuel Infante

Name/Instrument: Danica Mae Antazo

#20   10:35am RH2

Name of participant: Stephen L. Rodriguez

Piece: Pandangguhan

Composer/Arranger: Augusto Espino
Name/Instrument: Marial Grace L. Rodriguez

#21   10:40am RH2

Piano Ensemble

Name of participant: MINA, LUCAS G.

Piece: GOLLIWOGG’S CAKEWALK for 2 pianos, 4 hands

Composer/Arranger: DEBUSSY, CLAUDE


#22   10:45am RH2

Name of participant: Maria Janella A. Sales

Piece: Two pieces from the Spanish Suite: Andalucia
Gitanerias d minor
Andalucia D major
Composer/Arranger: Ernesto Lecuona
#23   10:50am RH2

Name of participant: Sarah Eliya V. Yu

Piece: First Arabesque

Composer/Arranger: Claude Debussy

#24   10:55am RH2

Name of participant: Sophia Isabelle Ordonez
Piece: Russian Song by Gediike Op. 36 No. 24, AB 2077
Composer/Arranger: Gedike

#25   11:00am RH2

Name of participant: Elijah Justin C. Santos
Piece: 1. Joyous Farmer –
2. Avalanche –

Composer/Arranger: Robert Schumann/ Stephen Heller

#26   11:05am RH2

Name of participant: Eliane Micaela C. Santos
Piece: Waltz (from Faust)
Composer/Arranger: Charles Gounod

#27   11:10am RH2

Name of participant: Samantha S. Tanchanco
Piece: Ili-ili, Tulog Anay/ March in G Major

Composer/Arranger: Augusto Espino/ Johann Sebastian Bach

#28   11:15am  RH2

Name of participant: Betina Edith Encarnacion Bernabe

Piece: Yatai-Bayashi
Composer/Arranger: Hajime Okumura

#29   11:20am RH2

Name of participant: Danica Mae D. Antazo

Piece: Chopin Etude Op.25 No.12

Composer/Arranger: Frederic Francois Chopin

#30   11:25am RH2

Name of participant: Gretchen Moran
Piece: L’embarquement pour Cythere (Valse-Musette pour deux pianos)Eb Major.
Composer/Arranger: Francis Poulenc

#31   11:30am RH2

Name of participant: Jin Xiao Chen
Piece: Dancing Fool (Character Etude)

Composer/Arranger: Antonio J. Molina

#32   11:35am RH2

Name of participant: Gabriel Allan F. Paguirigan

Piece: Transcendental Etude No. 10 in f minor

Composer/Arranger: Franz Liszt

#33   11:40am RH2

Name of participant: Lorenzo B. Medel

Piece: Etude Tableaux in E Flat minor Op. 39, No. 5

Composer/Arranger: S.  Rachmaninoff

#34    11:45am RH2


Name of participant: Lorenzo B. Medel

Piece: Sonata for Piano and Violin in F Major Op. 24, No. 5 “Spring Sonata”, 1st movement (Allegro)
Composer/Arranger: LV  Beethoven

Name/Instrument:  Maria Jeline L. Oliva/ Violin

#35  11:50am  RH2

Name of participant: Lorenzo Jaime Yu Flores

Piece: Sonatina in A Major, Opus 59

Composer/Arranger: Fritz Kuhlau

#36   11:55am RH2

Name of participant: Kirsten Chantrice B. Fabellar

Piece: Spinning Song, Op. 67, No. 4
Composer/Arranger: Felix John Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

#37  12noon  RH2

Piano Ensemble

Name of participant: Ma. Nicole Gayle D. Cuevas

Piece: Pamulinawen taken from Pahilaga

Composer/Arranger: Ryan Cayabyab

Marie Gabrielle D.R. Tinio/Piano 1

#38  12:05pm RH2

Name of participant: Sean Marcus S. So

Piece: Tarantelle Op. 100 No. 20 and Etude in G Minor Op. 82 No. 99

Composer/Arranger: Johann Friedrich Burgmuller and Cornelius Gurlitt

#39   12:10pm RH2

Name of participant: Selena Marie S. So

Piece: Doctor Gradus Ad Parnassum

Composer/Arranger: Claude Debussy

#40  12:15pm RH2


Name of participant: Selena Marie S. So

Piece: Rondo from Sonata in C

Composer/Arranger: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Name/Instrument: Sean Marcus S. So, piano

#41   12:20pm RH2

Name of participant: Camille Kate S. Palomares

Piece: Sonata in G major Op. 49 no. 2

Composer/Arranger: Ludwig van Beethoven

 #42 12:25pm RH2

Name of participant: ANGELA PAZ E. HABANA


Composer/Arranger: AUGUSTO ESPINO


Resume at 1:00pm

#43 1:00pm RH2

Name of participant: Meeko Angela R. Camba

Piece: Pamulinawen

Composer/Arranger: Augusto Espino

#44 1:05pm RH2

Name of participant: Julia Agusta R. Camba

Piece: March of the Trolls
Composer/Arranger: David Kraehenbuehl

#45 1:10pm RH2


Name of participant: Princess Leira D. Salazar

Piece: Du bist wie eine Blume (You are like a flower)
Do not go, My Love
Composer/Arranger: Robert Schumann – R. Hageman

Name/Instrument: Paul Jason Santiago / voice

#46 1:15pm RH2

Name of participant: ALEO L. DENOYO

Piece: Solfeggio in C#
Composer/Arranger: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach/Augusto Espino

#47 1:20pm RH2

Name of participant: Pristine Ellise Chua
Piece: Bach 2 part invention no. 8
Debussy Arabesque no.2
Composer/Arranger: J.s. Bach and Claude Debussy

#48 1:25pm RH2

Name of participant: Elijah Pierce Chua

Piece: Tarantella
Composer/Arranger: mendelssohn; chopin

#49 1:30pm RH2

Name of participant: Celeina Shea Julao

Piece: Soldier’s March


Composer/Arranger: Schumann; spindler

 #50 1:35pm RH2

Name of participant: Madeline Alexandria Julao

Piece: Le Petite Noir


Composer/Arranger: Debussy; Prokofiev

#51    1:40pm RH2

Name of participant: Mark Samuel D. Chu

Piece: Schubert impromptu op. 90 no.4
Composer/Arranger: Franz Schubert

#52    1:45pm RH2

Name of participant: Ricardo Raphael Syquio I. Joson

Piece: The Little White Donkey, Cramer – 60 Studies no. 8

Composer/Arranger: Jacques Ibert, Cramer

#53 1:50pm RH2

Name of participant: Joseph Evans Quiaong
Piece: Nocturne in C Minor, Op. 48, No. 1

Composer/Arranger: Frederic Chopin

#54   1:55pm RH2

Name of participant: Frances Louise M. Ronquillo
Piece: 1. Valse in B Minor, Op. 69, No. 2
2. Etude No. 4 in C Major

Composer/Arranger: 1. Fredric Chopin; 2. M. M. Moszkowski

#55   2:00pm RH2
Name of participant: Joana Christine Chen
Piece: 1. Rondo’alla Turca (Allegretto) (Piano Sonata No. 11 in A, K.331 -“Alla Turca”)
2. Poco Moto (Bagatelle in A minor, “Fur Elise”)

Composer/Arranger: 1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 2.Ludwig van Beethoven

#56   2:05pm RH2

Name of participant: Andrea Nicole M. Ronquillo

Piece: 1. Festival Rondo
2. Witches’ Dance
Composer/Arranger: 1. Henry Purcell; 2. Szidor Bator

#57   2:10pm RH2

Name of participant: Denise Faith L. See

Piece: Scherzo op. 31
Composer/Arranger: Chopin

#58   2:15pm RH2

Name of participant: Maria Jeline L. Oliva

Piece: Konzert – Etude No. 3

Composer/Arranger: Franz Liszt

 #59   2:20pm RH2

Name of participant: Jan Bendric Borbe

Piece: Capriccio op.3 no.1
Composer/Arranger: Serge Bortkiewicz

#60   2:25pm RH2

Name of participant: Lorie Ann Pascual
Piece: Impromptu, in A flat Major Opus 90, No 4

Composer/Arranger: Franz Schubert

#61   2:30pm RH2

Name of participant: Monique T. Estrella

Piece: Moment Musical, allegro moderato
Composer/Arranger: Franz Schubert

#62   2:35pm RH2

Name of participant: Mon Nicolai T. Estrella
Piece: Le Petit Negre (The Little Negro), Allegro Giusto

Composer/Arranger: Claude Debussy

#63   2:40pm RH2

Name of participant: Frederico Francesco T. De Castro
Fur Elise

Composer/Arranger: Ludwig van Beethoven

#64 2:45pm RH2

Name of participant: Florian Francesca T. De Castro

Piece: Avalanche
Composer/Arranger: Stephen Heller

#65   2:50pm RH2

Name of participant: Jose Paolo Bermudez Reyes

Piece: 1. Invention 1 in C major
2. Prelude 1
Composer/Arranger: 1. J.S. Bach 2. George Gershwin

 #66   2:55pm RH2


Name of participant: Warren Albert C. Garrido

Piece: Haydn’s Trio in G Major Hob. XV:25 3rd movement

Composer/Arranger: Haydn

Name/Instrument: Amber Loraine Murillo (violin)
Thea Balbutin (cello)

 #67   3:00pm RH2

Piano Ensemble

Name of participant: Miguel Lorenzo Q. Panagsagan

Piece: Pandangguhan

Composer/Arranger: Augusto Espino
Name/Instrument: Juan Paolo Q. Panagsagan – Piano

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