SECTIONALS- 27 August 2012

It’s time for SECTIONALS! See you at the Rehearsal!!!

Please refer to schedule below:

  • 1PM

P1-         Marial Rodriguez (AE)and Stephen Rodriguez (MDB)

P2-         Pauline Aguila and Maudrey Ledesma (NRB)

P3-         Amber Murillo and Stefanie Chan (GSO)

P4-         Marla Rodelas and Khristine Ruth de Gracia (NRB)

  • 2PM

P1-         Lu, Pei-Ti (AYS) and Bea Zorrilla (RRU)

Stephanie Hilario (RRU)

P2-         Sofia Tabora (RBS) and Jang, Su-Jee

Carissa Tabora (RBS) and Remedios Melody Abuel

Paula Sales (RBS)

P3-         Josiah Samaniego and Benjamin Rahayel

P4-         Sofia Barrera (ICL) and Dolly Andres

Juliana Aleta (ICL) and Brenda Malipot

Josiah Labata

  • 3PM

P1-         Myra Bartolome and Mikaela Alfonso (LOG)

Patricia Alfonso (LOG)

Sherry Ann Cantor (EF) and Cathy Yu (LOG)

P2-         Joaquin Saginal (MMM) and Jessica Ng (PP)

Feliz Paran (MMM) and Christopher Yang

Bianca Tiongson (MMM) and Jenna Salliman (MDB)

P3-         Melvin Lazaro and Nina Navarro (NI)

Lee Jung Ah and Tiffany Uy

P4-         Almond Mendoza (BC) and Bedi Casilihan

Carla Salgado (APM)and Josie Antonio

Joanna Chen (CBR) and Jill Magno

  • 4PM

P1-         Laarni Iclan and Jan Michaela Mirador (MDFR)

Julie Ching and Patricia Therese Mirador (MDFR)

P2-         James Pierre Silangcruz and Paolo Cainap (EF)

Emmanuel Obien (PPica) and Wilmer Guido

Amber Ogsimer (PPica)

P3-         James Diaz and Rosa Ysabella Dipasupil (BTR)

Rafaelo Fernandez (BTR)

P4-         Niccolo Vitug and Ronald Gue (MAE)

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