The 1st Piano Ensemble Competition WINNERS

List of Winners:

EARLY BEGINNER (Teacher-Student)
1st Prize- Anica C. Cai and Ms. Irma Su
2nd Prize- Janeisha Danelle Hong and Ms. Irma Su
3rd Prize- Adrienne Nicole Go and Ms. Lourdes Guillen

ELEMENTARY LEVEL (Teacher-Student)
1st Prize- Kirsten Chantice B. Fabellar and Ms. Pia Balasico
2nd Prize- Andrea Rose L. Arboleda and Ms. Reubel R. Uy
3rd Prize- Kyle Rafael T. Li and Ms. Irma Su
Honorable Mention- Cyrus Ken G. Tan and Ms. Gemma Malicdem

ELEMENTARY LEVEL (Student-Student)
1st Prize- Clarissa Jilliane T. Li and Elijah Daniel Han
2nd Prize- Lea Huang and Michi Huang

1st Prize- Paolo Romero and Kobi Go
2nd Prize- Marco P. Juan and Catherine Ranola
3rd Prize- Rosa Yzabella Dipasupil and Selena Marie S. So

1st Prize- Paolo Panagsagan and Miguel Panagsagan
2nd Prize- Gabriel Allan Ferros Paguirigan and Nicole Cuevas
3rd Prize- Betina Edith Bernabe and Danica Mae Antazo
Honorable Mention- Sharon Jasminez and Zheng Qi Wang

Ms. Mariel Ilusorio
Mr. Najib Ismail
Mr. Agot Espino

Chair- Ms. Gemma Malicdem
Vice Chair- Mr. George Ong
Members- Ms. Eloise Gonzalo and Ms. Melissa Taqueban

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