2015 Etude Competition Schedule

VENUE  St. Paul University Manila 680 Pedro Gil St. Malate, Manila

Glee Club Room and Founders Hall

Feb 1, 2015     Elimination round, start 8am

Feb 8, 2015    Final round, start 8am

Feb 15, 2015   Winners Concert and Awarding Ceremonies (Founders Hall), 3-6pm

Holding room during elimination round and finals: Lobby



  • Competition will be held simultaneously in two venues namely GLEE CLUB ROOM ( Category A1, A2 and A3) and FOUNDERS’ HALL (Category B and C)
  • Rehearsal time per category will start exactly on schedule.  e.g. A1 starts at 8am.
  • Contestants shall be called in random order during REHEARSALS.
  • If you arrive late, you might lose your rehearsal slot.
  • Strictly NO EATING inside the Competition Venues.

Please proceed directly to your designated room at least 15 minutes before your category’s scheduled rehearsal starting time.(Draw lots for contest proper sequence.) Contestants MUST occupy front row seats.

e.g. A1 – Glee Club Room, category starting time 8:00am.

SCHEDULE for 01 February, 2015 Sunday


7:45-8am                     Draw lots A1, A3

8-9:am                         A1, A3 rehearsal

9-10am                        A1, A3 contest proper

10-10:15am                Announcement of finalists; Group photo

10:15-10:30am            Draw lots A2

10:30-11:30am            A2  rehearsal

11:30-1230pm             A2 contest proper

12:30pm-12:45pm      Announcement of finalists; Group photo


7:45-8am                     Draw lots B

8-9am                          B rehearsal

 9-10am                       B contest proper

10-10:15am                Announcement of finalists; Group photo

10:15-10:30am            Draw lots C

10:30-11:45am            C  rehearsal

11:45am-1:00pm        C contest proper

1:00-1:15pm               Announcement of finalists; Group photo

One thought on “2015 Etude Competition Schedule

  1. From Prof. Gemma Malicdem- Drawing of lots cut off will be 30mins prior to the start of the competition. Everyone who will not avail of rehearsal time are advised to be in their designated rooms at the latest 30minutes before start of Competition Proper.

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