2015 Etude Competition Winners’ Concert and Awarding Ceremonies

ADVISORY TO THE WINNERS (from Prof. Gemma Malicdem, chair 2015 Etude Competition)1. All Winners are REQUIRED to perform – from Honorable Mention to First Prize.2. To be included in the program please email:

  • Mr. George S. Ong (Vice Chair, 2015 Etude Competition) –georgesong@yahoo.com
  • Ms. Eloise Lei O. Gonzalo (Secretary PTGPFI) or Jan Briane F. Astom (Asst. Secretaty PTGPFI) — askptgp@yahoo.com on or before Wednesday, 11 February 2015 the titles of two etudes (2 of 3) you will perform in the program.

3. Be at the venue by 2:45pm, program will start at 3pm Founders’ Hall Saint Paul University Manila

4. Proper Recital attire.

5. Admission is FREE, please invite Family and Friends.

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