Piano Festival 2019


Good day! This will be the order for the audition tomorrow:

  1. PACIS, Julia Laureen D. (RCP)
  2. CHINJEN, Robert Isaac M. (JDC)
  3. CHINJEN, Christa Renee M. (JDC)
  4. DEE, Ma. Natalie C. (LG)
  5. (ENS) DEE, Ma. Natalie (LG)
  6. MACEDA, Zoe Amanda M. (LG)
  7. AGCAOILI, Samantha Gabriel (LG)
  8. (ENS) AGCAOILI, Samantha Gabriel (LG)
  9. SO, Selena Marie S. (BTR)
  10. SO, Sean Marcus S. (BTR)
  11. SO, Sergei Matteo S. (BTR)
  12. SO, Sofia Marianne S. (BTR)
  13. (ENS) SO, Selena Marie S. (BTR)
  14. DIPASUPIL, Michelo Paulo C. (BTR)
  15. ABABON, Iris Lexi Q. (AYS)
  16. SANTOS, Maxine Vettina Claire C. (JDC)
  17. SEO, Jessica (JDC)
  18. DELA CRUZ, Tasha Gianela Y. (JDC)
  19. TSAI, Angelmay L. (AYS)
  20. SO, Kayleigh Claire G. (CKC)
  21. SO, Kaleena Clarice G. (CKC)
  22. SO, Christopher Kiyoshi G. (CKC)
  23. VILLAGOMEZ, Matthew C. (JAC)


Auditions shall start at 9:00 AM. WALK-INS SHALL ONLY BE ACCEPTED UNTIL 12:00 NN.

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