Post Audition Reminders and Online Auditions

A few more reminders:

  1. If you have not yet submitted a photo, the deadline will be on Friday, 18 January 2019. For your information, if you did not give us a photo or specifically requested not to include a photo, a placeholder image (PTGPFI logo) will be put in place as yours. This goes both for teachers and students. FOR STRICT COMPLIANCE.
  2. Online auditions are for participants who weren’t able to go to the live auditions. Please send the following to
    • AUDITION VIDEO with the title of the piece
      • In case the participant will play multiple pieces, please
    • Duly accomplished APPLICATION FORM (Scanned or digitally edited)
    • 2×2 PHOTO
  3. The program flow will be posted in a few days. Please keep posted. They will be up for editing and corrections.


* * *



  1. TOM WONG, Scott Hamilton (SAC)
  2. TOM WONG, Dean Spencer (SAC)
  3. DAVID, Xavione Mackenzie (SAC)
  4. DAVID, Zachary Mckale (SAC)
  5. AGUINALDO, David Jeremy (JNV)
  6. GONZALES, Anja Gabrielle (RIB)
  7. GONZALES, Anton Mikhail (RIB)
  8. GONZALES, Andre Rafael (RIB)
  9. CHONG, Jet Stephen (AYS)
  10. AVENDAÑO, Mariane (MVA)


NAME IN RED = already received applications

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