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Those who have auditioned this December may check their entries HERE. Entries in yellow have corrections that need attending to. (NOTE: If the student’s name does not have a middle initial, still inform us, i.e. Chinese names that do not have middle initials).

For easier access, you may check THIS LIST for a list of your students (organized alphabetically by TEACHER’S LAST NAME). Names marked in red have corrections that need attending to (See remark above).

Send all your corrections to festival.ptgpfi@gmail.com with the subject “CORRECTION: (Teacher’s Name)”. Corrections sent through text will not be entertained.

*   *   *

The following programs have been closed for first choice

  • Feb 16, 10 AM
  • Feb 16, 1 PM
  • Feb 23, 10 AM
  • Feb 23, 3 PM

You may still choose them as your second choice. Download the new forms below:

*   *   *

The following students still have no schedule:

BAGTAS, Ruth (Please send schedule AND transaction slip)

  1. GONZALES, Andre
  2. GONZALES, Anja Gabrielle
  3. GONZALES, Anton Mikhail



  1. PARKER, Emilia
  2. RODRIGUEZ, Jackelyn Martina



  1. CHEN, Charlie


JAVIER, Andrew

  1. YU, Tiffany Kaye


ORTIZ, Nathaniel Joseph

  1. ZHOU, Angel

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