Winners of the Beethoven and Beyond Online Competition

Congratulations to all the winners of the recently concluded Online Piano Competition 2021: Beethoven and Beyond! Below are the winners

  • Category A1
    • 1st Prize: John Elijah Bendicion
    • 2nd Prize: Ella Gabrielle Gaw
    • 3rd Prize: Showne Yin
    • Honorable Mention: Julia Laureen Pacis
    • Best in Contest Piece: Ella Gabrielle Gaw
  • Category A2
    • 1st Prize: Caitlyn Stephanie Yu
    • 2nd Prize: Angelmay Tsai
    • 3rd Prize: William Matthew Lim
    • Honorable Mention: Kayleigh Claire So
    • Best in Contest Piece: Christan Brandon Garcia
  • Category B1
    • 1st Prize: Aidan Ezra Baracol
    • 2nd Prize: Zion Montebon
    • 3rd Prize: Catherine Li
    • Honorable Mention: Antonio Souster
  • Category C
    • 2nd Prize: Michael Angelo Valenciano
    • 3rd Prize: Jason Matthew Tung
    • 3rd Prize: Denzel Abarquez
    • Honorable Mention: John Paul Mendoza

The jury has also selected John Elijah Bendicion (Category A1) and Aidan Ezra Baracol (Category B1) for a Special Jury Prize.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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