Congratulations to all the winners of the recently concluded Sonora Virtual Piano Competition! Below are the winners:

  • Category A1
    • 1st Prize: John Elijah Bendicion (CKC)
    • 2nd Prize: Aninaw Rikit Velasco (RY)
    • 3rd Prize: Rufino Lorenzo Rodriguez (MTN)
    • 4th Prize: Showne Yin (AYS)
    • 5th Prize: Jin Shi (AYS)
    • Premyo Tiklado: Aninaw Rikit Velasco (RY)
  • Category A2
    • 1st Prize: Daniel Jehremiah Asis (AYS)
    • 2nd Prize: Caitlyn Stephanie Yu (CKC)
    • 3rd Prize: Ella Gabrielle Gaw (AYS)
    • 4th Prize: Ciana Maddison Santos (RRU)
    • 5th Prize: Nevaeh Camryn Siy (CKC)
    • Premyo Tiklado: Daniel Jehremiah Asis (AYS)
  • Category B1
    • 1st Prize: Zion Montebon (AYS)
    • 2nd Prize: Benedict Magboo (AYS)
    • 3rd Prize: Lian Elyse Sy (CKC)
    • 4th Prize: Katrina Lorenzana (GP)
    • 5th Prize: Catherine Li (AYS)
    • Premyo Tiklado: Zion Montebon (AYS)
  • Category B2
    • 1st Prize: Aidan Ezra Baracol (AYS)
    • 2nd Prize: Shawn Darren Chua (GP)
    • 3rd Prize: Micah Tehinnah Tan (DA)
    • Premyo Tiklado: Aidan Ezra Baracol (AYS)
  • Category C
    • 1st Prize: Harold Guilang (NMI)
    • 2nd Prize: Jason Matthew Tung (RMS)
    • 3rd Prize: Jedidiah Caychingco (ZZ)
    • Premyo Tiklado: Harold Guilang (NMI)

You will be receiving an e-mail within the day. Congratulations to all the winners!

The board of judges are as follows: Jeremiah Padilla (chair), Mary Anne Espina, Mariel Ilusorio, and Ruby Salvosa.

  • TEACHER LEGEND (in alphabetical order by first name)
    • AYS – Anthony Say
    • CKC – Carolyn Cheng
    • DA – Denzel Abarquez
    • GP – Gabriel Paguirigan
    • MTN – Melissa Nartatez
    • NMI – Najib Ismail
    • RMS – Raul Sunico
    • RRU – Reubel Uy
    • RY – Regidor Yumul
    • ZZ – Zandro Zulueta

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