Beethoven and Beyond


As we approach 2020, we will be celebrating the 250th Birth Anniversary of the icon Ludwig van Beethoven. Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist. A crucial figure in the transition between the classical and romantic eras in classical music, he remains one of the most recognized and influential musicians of this period, and is considered to be one of the greatest composers of all time.’

His compositions—loud, long and exciting—will soon reverberate along our corridors and walls, and to be part of the Beethoven symphonic experience—as listener or competitor—would be a dream-come-true for everyone who loves classical music.

In commemoration of this composer’s milestone of two and a half centuries, we will be hosting two major events for next year:

The first will be a Piano Festival which will feature Beethoven’s works alongside standard piano literature on 16 and 23 February 2020. Auditions for the Festival will be on December 2019 (Venue and exact date TBA).

The second will be a Beethoven Piano Competition. See the required repertoire in this LIST (Click Here). Final mechanics, and requirements will be released later this year.


A few select students who performed at the 2019 Piano Festival: The Music of Dr. Lucrecia Kasilag will be performing in a Paco Park Presents event on 26 April 2019, 6:00 PM, at Paco Park, Manila. You may check the programme on the link below.

Programme for Paco Park Presents

We hope to see you on Friday!


Good day!

Corrections sent by the teachers have already been applied. You may check them again to confirm by clicking HERE.

Minor, last minute changes will still be entertained until 9 PM today.

For your guidance.




  1. Click HERE for the files
  2. Open the file with the filename OPEN THIS FIRST. Check your students if they are there.
  3. Open or download the file of the program/s they are in.
  4. Students marked in red are in need of correction.
  5. If you have any corrections unmarked, please send them to, with the following information: NAME OF STUDENT, PROGRAM, CORRECTIONS. Please send only one email per teacher. The subject of the email should be CORRECTIONS – (INITIALS AS WRITTEN) (e.g., CORRECTIONS – JYDC). Any emails not following instructions will be ignored. FOR STRICT COMPLIANCE.
  6. Please send your corrections only until Monday, 28 January 2019, until 12 NN. FOR STRICT COMPLIANCE.
  7. Initials are ordered alphabetically by first name (see list below)
  8. ANY REQUEST TO CHANGE THE SCHEDULE WILL HAVE A FEE OF PHP 1000. We accommodated everyone according to their first choices and personally contacted everyone to consider their second choice to which they agreed. FOR YOUR GUIDANCE.


The initials are as follows:

  • ADM – Aristotle Molina
  • AGS – Adrian Semacio
  • ASJ – Antonina Jostol
  • AYS – Anthony Say
  • BTR – Benjamin Reyes
  • CGA – Carmencita Arambulo
  • CKC – Carolyn Cheng
  • CZ – Cecile Zuñiga
  • EC – Elizabeth Chua
  • EM – Erlinda Matute
  • FDS – Fatima Suarez
  • GQG – Grace Garcia
  • HJL – Hyun Joo Lee
  • HL – Hana Lee
  • IME – Imelda Estioko
  • JAC – Jonathan Coo
  • JLS – Jessie Lou Singh
  • JNV – John Nathan Valencia
  • JYDC – Jennifer dela Cruz
  • LOG – Lourdes Guillen
  • MAC – Mary Ann Choco
  • MAE – Mary Anne Espina
  • MDR – Ma Dianaida Rañola
  • MF – Maricor Figues
  • MNR – Myra Ramos
  • MVA – Ma Virginia Arambulo
  • NRB – Neri Beratio
  • PCW – Pauline Wong
  • PMB – Pia Balasico
  • RCC – Rene Clement Cruz
  • RCP – Remedios Planes
  • RIB – Ruth Bagtas
  • RPS – Ruby Salvosa
  • RV – Rizzha Valdez
  • SAC – Sherry Ann Cantor
  • SDD – Sheryl de Dios
  • SDJ – Sharon Jasminez
  • YL – Yashu Lin


The following have already sent their online auditions:

  1. TOM WONG, Dean Spencer (SAC)
  2. TOM WONG, Scott Hamilton (SAC)
  3. DAVID, Xavione Mackenzie (SAC)
  4. DAVID, Zachary Mckale (SAC)
  5. AGUINALDO, David (JNV)
  6. CHONG, Jet Stephen (AYS)
  7. AVENDAÑO, Mariane (MVA)
  8. SY, Lian Elyse (CKC)
  9. SANTOS, Elijah (CKC)
  10. SIA, Ethan Jethro (CKC)
  11. YU, Caitlyn Stephanie (CKC)
  12. ANG, Hansel Harel (CGA)
  13. DE LUSONG, Samantha Faith (CKC)
  14. MENDOZA, Nadine Elise (NAB)
  15. LUCION, Shekinah Safe (NAB)
  16. LAGARILE, Jezziele Joyce (NAB)
  17. MAQUILAVA, Ryl Christian (NAB)
  18. LLANDINO, David (NAB)
  19. AJOC, James (NAB)
  20. DE LEON, Glenn (NAB)
  21. GONZALES, Anja Gabrielle (RIB)
  22. GONZALES, Andre (RIB)
  23. GONZALES, Anton Mikhail (RIB)

Post Audition Reminders and Online Auditions

A few more reminders:

  1. If you have not yet submitted a photo, the deadline will be on Friday, 18 January 2019. For your information, if you did not give us a photo or specifically requested not to include a photo, a placeholder image (PTGPFI logo) will be put in place as yours. This goes both for teachers and students. FOR STRICT COMPLIANCE.
  2. Online auditions are for participants who weren’t able to go to the live auditions. Please send the following to
    • AUDITION VIDEO with the title of the piece
      • In case the participant will play multiple pieces, please
    • Duly accomplished APPLICATION FORM (Scanned or digitally edited)
    • 2×2 PHOTO
  3. The program flow will be posted in a few days. Please keep posted. They will be up for editing and corrections.


* * *



  1. TOM WONG, Scott Hamilton (SAC)
  2. TOM WONG, Dean Spencer (SAC)
  3. DAVID, Xavione Mackenzie (SAC)
  4. DAVID, Zachary Mckale (SAC)
  5. AGUINALDO, David Jeremy (JNV)
  6. GONZALES, Anja Gabrielle (RIB)
  7. GONZALES, Anton Mikhail (RIB)
  8. GONZALES, Andre Rafael (RIB)
  9. CHONG, Jet Stephen (AYS)
  10. AVENDAÑO, Mariane (MVA)


NAME IN RED = already received applications