1. Do not forget to bring your NEW 2×2 photo for tomorrow. Students and Teachers are REQUIRED to submit new photos.
  2. Due to the variable length of the audition process, there will be no fixed schedule. You may come anytime since you are already on queue.
  3. Walk-ins will possibly be entertained only from 10:30 AM onwards. The cut-off for walk-ins to queue will only be until 12:30 PM. Please text 0922 935 4966 before the appointed time. (THIS IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR ST. PAUL APPLICANTS)


  1. CUA, Hans Kenneth (BTR)
  2. VILLACORTE, Benjamin Lorenzo (RCP)
  3. SY, Kaitlyn Anne (MF)
  4. GALANG, Maxine Miyuki (MF)
  5. DUYONGCO, Tiffany (RCP)
  6. QUIROS, Florthea Elaine (RCP)
  7. QUIROS, Keith Allen (RCP)
  8. PACIS, Julia Laureen (RCP)
  9. NOCOS, Eliane Josine (MF)
  10. NOCOS, Estelle Josette (MF)
  11. NOCOS, Estelle Josette ENS (MF)
  12. ORTIZ, Nathaniel Joseph ENS (ASJ)
  13. ABARQUEZ, Denzel (AYS)
  14. SOUSTER, Antonio James (AYS)
  15. ABARA, Theodore (AYS)
  16. CHEN, Maegan Maybelle (SDJ)
  17. TOJINO, Sophia (AGS)
  18. YU, Renee Therese (RCP)
  19. YU, Clare Bernice (RCP)
  20. SO, Mia Monique (IME)
  21. VALENCIA, Maria Sophia (RCP)
  22. VALENCIA, Maria Isabelle (RCP)
  23. SY, Carol Ysanne (CKC)
  24. KIERULF, Antonio Luis (JLS)
  25. UY, Janelle Kimberly (SAC)
  26. CHUA, Joshua Peyton (RCP)
  27. AMANTE, Jose Enrico (RCP)
  28. NOGRALES, Karlos Mateo (JLS)
  29. NOGRALES, Kristian Massimo (JLS)
  30. NOGRALES, Katarina Mikaelle (JLS)
  31. YULO, Clara Juliana (JLS)
  32. PALMERO, Sofia Isabel (RCP)
  33. NAKPIL, Julio (JLS)
  34. FERNANDEZ, Simona (JLS)
  35. CAEDO, Florencio (JLS)
  36. CAEDO, Sophia (JLS)
  37. PEÑA, Zharisse (CGA)
  38. HUANG, Shenjin (AYS)
  39. ELIZAGA, Athena (HL)*
  40. YANG, Tin (HL)*
  41. CO, Sofia (RCP)*
  42. LINGAD, Abegail (AYS)*
  43. CALDERON, Thania (RCP)*
  44. BAYLE, Vyktoria (RCP)*
  45. BAYLE, Vyktor (RCP)*
  46. ANG, Francine May (AYS)*


*No Online Reservation

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