1. Do not forget to bring your NEW 2×2 photo for tomorrow. Students and Teachers are REQUIRED to submit new photos.
  2. Due to the variable length of the audition process, there will be no fixed schedule. You may come anytime since you are already on queue.
  3. Walk-ins will be entertained only from 10:30 AM – 12:00 NN.


  1. SALLIMAN, Jenna (AYS)
  2. ORATA, Rheiken Freddierich (RCC)
  3. EBDANE, Jun Aron Kristoffe (RCC)
  4. REBOSA, Ethan Audric (RCC)
  5. MENDOZA, Matt Stephen (RCC)
  6. TAN, Ian Cedric (RCC)
  7. AQUINO, Ellie (RPS)
  8. AQUINO, Stephen (RPS)
  9. ANG, Jershon Ainsleigh (CGA)
  10. CHEONG, Gregory (CGA)
  11. QUIMZON, Voriz (RCC)
  12. SIY, Nevaeh Camryn (CKC)
  13. CARLOS, Priscilla Juanita (SAC)
  14. HUANG, Alyssa (LYS)
  15. CHANG, Finomena (LYS)
  16. ANG, Yvonne Jael (AYS)
  17. CUA, Rissa (RPS)
  18. WU, Angel (LYS)
  19. GONZALES, Ayen Mikaela (MAC)
  20. ANGELES, Gustav (RPS)
  21. GARRIDO, Pilar (RPS)
  22. TRINIDAD, Solana Mayumi (CKC)
  23. GO, Amanda Rose (CKC)
  24. FABELLAR, Kirsten (PB)
  25. SOONG, Noelle Bernadette (SAC)
  26. SOONG, Gabrielle Maureen (SAC)
  27. BAUTISTA, Carmen Natasha (SAC)
  28. LAZARO, Zoe Ysabelle (SAC)
  29. RAZON, Eunice (RPS)
  30. ERMITA, Angelo Joaquin (CGA)
  31. ARAÑA, Paulina (CGA)
  32. GONZAGA, Rafael (RPS)
  33. RODRIGUEZ, Martina (RPS)
  34. BARINAGA, Dylan (EC)*
  35. VALERA, Mateo (MVA)*
  36. AVENDAÑO, Mariane (MVA)*
  37. GAW, Ella Gabrielle (AYS)*
  38. PALMIERY, Santino Raphael (JDC)*


*No online registration/Late registration

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