Ludwig van Beethoven, a German composer and a pianist, a crucial figure in the transition between the classical and romantic era in classical music, remains as one of the most recognized and influential musicians of this period, and is considered to be one of the greatest composers of all times.

In 2020, we celebrated the 250th Birth Anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven. And to commemorate this special occasion, PTGP had planned a series of piano festival and a competition ‘Beethoven and Beyond.’ After its postponement last year due to Covid-19 crisis, we are happy to be hosting these two major events online this year, 2021!

‘Beethoven and Beyond 2021’

Piano Festival

Piano Festival featuring works of Beethoven alongside standard piano literature will be aired on March 7, 14, and 21. Auditions for the Festival will be done thru video submissions. The deadline is on February 15, 2021. Students who have auditioned last year with a participation fee, need not pay for this year’s festival.

Piano Competition

Piano Competition will be held in April, featuring works of Beethoven.  Please refer to competition guidelines for repertoire requirements per category.  Deadlines of video submissions are on or before April 10, 2021. The finalists will be announced by April 17, 2021.

For further details on ‘Beethoven and Beyond’ piano festival and competition guidelines, please visit or like its official Facebook page at You may also follow its Instagram page at @ptgpfoundationinc.40.

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