REPORT – PTGP officially launched as a foundation in ribbon-cutting ceremony

PTGP Presidents led the ribbon cutting ceremony

Marking a PTGP milestone. Past and present guild presidents led the launching of PTGP as a Foundation in historic ribbon-cutting ceremony.

MANILA, Philippines – The Piano Teachers’ Guild of the Philippines, Inc. was officially launched as a foundation in a ribbon-cutting ceremony held at the Rehearsal Hall of St. Scholastica’s College last February 2, 2014.

PTGP President Anthony Say led the cutting of the ceremonial ribbon, joined by past guild presidents Fr. Manuel Maramba, OSB, Sr. Placid Abejo, OSB, and Ms. Mauricia Borromeo.

In his welcome address, Mr. Say stressed the significance of the milestone event. “Now that we are a foundation, we are now one step closer to achieving one the goals of the guild, and that is to reach out to the piano teachers in the provinces,” he said.

“It used to be very difficult to get support for our activities. Hopefully with our new status, it will now be much easier.”

Mr. Say also noted that the Securities and Exchange Commission’s decision to accord PTGP the status of a Foundation came in a year after the highly successful “forte@40” concert which helped gather enough money  to reach the requisite fiscal standing needed to be granted the status.

Matthew Calderon, a student of Ms. Mary Anne Espina, and Jet Stephen Chong, a student of Mr. Anthony Say, gave intermission numbers performing Fr. Maramba’s Piano Piece 2005 and Chopin etudes Op. 10 No. 5 and Op. 25 No. 9, respectively.

A lunch reception followed the short program.

2 thoughts on “REPORT – PTGP officially launched as a foundation in ribbon-cutting ceremony

  1. Congratulations Everybody! This is a great achievement for the country! I wish I was there to share your joy . I want you to know what Raul Manglapus told me when he was candidate for Presidency . I approached him to help him support the musicians of the Philippines at that time. He said :” You should unite together and you will have power, then the government will be able to provide support because you will have a strong voice.”

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